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Used and Rare Books

Terminology and Abbreviations

ARC (Advance Reading Copy) - copies provided to reviewers or booksellers in advance of the release of the book. These copies may be the earliest print run or they may be the final proof. They're often bound in wraps or in a plain binding differing from the first edition.

boards - the outer covering of a book to which the pastedowns are attached, covered with a variety of materials such as cloth, buckram, or leather.

extra illustrated - inserted illustrations, clippings or other material pertinent to the book has been laid in.

FFE (first free endpaper) - the very first page of the book, often blank or decorated in the same manner as the front pastedown.

foxing - discoloration to the paper, usually brownish-yellow spots, caused by a chemical reaction within the paper.

frontise or frontisepiece - an illustration facing the title page of a book.

LFE (last free endpaper) - the very last page of the book, often blank or decorated in the same manner as the rear pastedown.

ND - no date.

NP - no publisher or no place.

Offsetting - transfer of an impression from one page to the adjacent page or from an insert (such as a newspaper clipping or bookmark) to a page.

pastedowns (front or rear pastedown) - the half of the endpaper which is pasted to the inside of the cover.

price clipped - publishers imprinted price on the dustjacket has been snipped off.

recto - the front side of a leaf.

remainder mark - a stamp or indelible mark placed on the top or bottom edges of books remaining after the book has ceased to sell well.

review copy - any edition of a book sent out in advance of the first edition.

signature - set of folded-over pages attached at the spine.

uncorrected proofs - precedes the ARC in that final editorial corrections haven't been made.

unopened - In publishing, the pages of a book comprise one large sheet that has been printed then folded several times. An unopened leaf is a page that has not been separated from its neighbor.

untrimmed - the edges of the book have not been trimmed smooth.

verso - the back or reverse side of a leaf.

wraps - commonly referred to as a paperback.